Friday, April 22, 2016

Final Days

The house is sold and we are just waiting for the closing date so that everyone can practice signing their names on forms and , of course, checks.  In the meantime we are filling boxes with books, my books, or so it seems.  I’m sure Jackie has done something about all these boxes around her as well because I can hear her wheezing from dust bunnies that invaded a few weeks ago. And while both Jackie and I are looking to moving to a condo with much less responsibility, there is work to be done here aside  from packing boxes and tossing stuff we thought we’d always keep.

Like we would never leave, but we have to, well, truthfully, I have to.  A thirty year old house needs upkeep.  A 60 year old guy with MS needs to keep up.  There is little I can do now for the house or me, but we part friends, the house completely done over in new paint with add-ons and with me balding, slow walking, and then forgetting where I was going or why.  I’m not sure who got the better deal here. No, wait, I know. Me.  Sure the house cost plenty with paint, lumber, man hours, nails, garden stuff, fix the driveway, mulch - lots and lots of mulch, more mulch than you would ever think you would need in your life, or any life and that was what you had used just up through April.  You’d put the stuff in, tuck it around plants, take in the sweet smell, and the next day half of the dumb stuff has blown into the neighbors yard, covering their dog in wood chips.

Once the yard was done (for that day) time on our small but perfect deck, sitting, reading, having an occasional adult beverage, and moving my chair to stay out of the sun was required.. The awning above the deck kept us cool when the sun demanded more attention than we could allow.  The small deck in our new place will get sun only in the early morning. Fine with me.  Oh, and what was once six hours worth of work a day on the yard is now about maybe 30 minutes and I have to go on a three hour break. Nope.

Time to say goodbye...

First a goodbye to my fellow toilers of the house exterior...Please give a hand or two for my cohorts in suburban bliss Rake! Broom! And Snow Shovel!

Hello, guys, and thanks for all your help these past 28 years.  Yes, shovel, I am aware that you had taken injuries during the recent snowstorms (chipped blade) and that circumstances relegated you to back yard leaf pickup detail, which is not your fault totally, very little snow and all that.  We only had the driveway plowed once this year and… yes, all right, we got another shovel, too.  Not that you’re not good, but this shovel is one I can push the snow around, not have to lift and dump. This is what I need now, and even I only used him once to push the snow and no he does not get used for leaf removal. Let it go. I won’t be using either of you anymore.  Our contract clearly states..

Yes, broom? Oh, I know you look pathetic, with your bristles cracked and broken.  Frankly you’ve had a good career here, and I’m not able to see what the new owners will do.  You know, you should be glad you were assigned to the shed.  I kept you around.

Oh, yes, rake, you are the winner, you get to play near every day, and have soundly defeated your enemy Fake Rake:

Plastic rakes are the weak Walmart cousins of a metal; easily terrified by pine cones or clumps of mowed grass. That is why he is banished to the garage, and will await further orders from your new commander, er, owner.

And to you, fair lawnmower, you started when I needed you to, asked for only gas and the occasional oil change.  And you were always good to spend the winter in the shed, sharing room with tools and stuff I forgot to get for the winter in the house.

So, we will have a few more days together, and will clean up this place for our final mission.  And I will know these are the Final Days.  And I will know that this is final time I do this and that with you., but we shall continue until the mission is done.

And then I adjusted my holsters, fixed my 4 star generals helmet, and cued the Patton music.

I looked off into the woods behind the shed…

I will be proud to lead you wonderful guys into battle anytime, anywhere. But I can’t anymore.

That's all.

The breeze came up and the plants and flowers just appearing to bud moved their leaves which I'll take as applause.

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