Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Home Part 2

The picture is gone now. That picture of yours truly holding up his 1967 Whipple School graduation pennant, thrilled to be wearing an actual suit and tie. We'd had a cookout at St. Marks  Church House at 116th and 3rd Avenue, hot dogs and juice, and then everybody went home, which took me all of about five minutes. My sister took the picture (Polaroid Swinger) and it was placed in my memory book until it, and a lot of other remnants from long ago was disposed of. In the picture attached, I'm standing as close as I can remember to where I stood 48 years ago. My wife Jackie and I had a chance to look around the yard of 614 1st Ave, on the Lansingburgh House Tour of May 16th. My old home has many tales of its own, and I was amazed to have a neighbor relate many of them to us, some versions of which may show up in a novel soon. I said to Jackie "See, I wasn't making it up!" This place was truly magic. The other picture shows the back door to 614. See those eagles? My father made them. See that rickety wood thingy? Not us. The house is for sale. My sister and I once agreed that when we were old we'd buy 614 and live out our days there. That won't happen. But it was a wonderful time then and an even better May 16th 2015. Thanks for reading.

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