Friday, November 14, 2014

Four More Years!

I observe today the completion of the first four year term of being elected to the Multiple Sclerosis world. Thank you, doctors whose names I have forgotten, for telling me you were clueless about what to do for me. I was at least glad I had an exit strategy, and that was out your front door. So now I sit before you, fellow MSers, (I was standing before you for a while, but I'm in my comfy chair now) and I ask for your continued support for the next four years. Here is what I promise:
1. I will stand for everything, until I get tired and have to sit.
2. I will take large amount of drugs, none of which are good for MS, but I have also been blessed with bipolar, and that's where the drugs come in. Yes! Yes! Yes! I can be functional for almost two hours a day. I just don't know which two hours it will be.
3. I shall not be swayed by Dr. Pharma's (Big Drug Pharmaceutical Companies) throwing lavish dinners to get me to attend so they can figure out what kind of new drugs they can dump on me and begin sucking dry the veins of insurance and co-pays. After all, I have Primary Progressive MS.No help for me. So no money there for the drug vampires PPMS. It's like garlic to them.
4. I forgot what number four was.
5. I promise to dance, write, see as much of the world as I can with my dear wife, and continue to annoy this disease as much as it annoys me.
And so my fellow MSers, ask not what your MS has done to you, ask how you can screw over your MS. Thank you.
Four More Years! Four More Years! (Join in anytime - you deserve it too)

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