Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Social Security Disability, Part III

The first clue was when I logged into the Social Security Disability site:https://www.disability.gov/resource/social-security-benefits-application-status/ and I was told:

A decision has been made on your claim. You will receive the official notice of any decision made on your claim by U.S. mail.

Cue the McConaughey. "Allright, all right, all right."

Stare out the window and wait for the mail truck.  Will it come today? What will I do if denied? First,  of course, a good hissy fit, then lash out at totally innocent people ( I mean, if they're not gonna pay me, I'm gonna be as bipolar and MS'ed as possible).

"We have found that you meet the medical requirements for disability payments."

Cue the marching band. Okay, that's enough.

"We have not yet made decision about whether you meet the non-medical requirements, but we will make that distinction soon."

Be still, my heart.  OK, Band, take a break.

I learned from the sheets sent that they had received statements from my general practitioner, neurologist, psychologist, and cardiologist.  What's missing from the collection is my psychiatrist submitting anything, plus the neurologist sent a letter, that's it.  I've got the freakin' MRIs as well as he does.  I think I told you this last column, that it didn't appear the doctor had any idea about lesions or where they were.

How many things could go wrong yet?

Still to come...

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