Friday, March 28, 2014

And now... the new new normal

5:45 AM Monday.  Where's the alarm? Why didn't the alarm go off? I had woken up a few minutes before the alarm (years of training) and was waiting for the bright tones of WROW - 590 on your radio dial.  Where are the DJ's?

My wife is still asleep. What, is it Sunday again?

No, my MS'd and BP'd brain could finally deduce.  This is Monday March 24 2014. And your wife is no longer employed.  That alarm won't be going off no more.  Let her sleep. In fact-

I opened my eyes an hour later to my wife's pushing of the blankets off and rising from the bed.

Right. My brain reminded me. Today, your wife Jackie no longer has a job.  Today, unlike every other Monday for the past three plus years, she will be home. Permanently.

There goes the old routine. Meet the new routine.

And welcome to the New New normal.

I am glad she is here.  Her job over the last few months has gotten worse and worse, with a new boss who did not have, shall we say, the managerial flair.  It was just a timing thing.  The nice people were leaving, and those left had to deal with a change in ownership that may not be successful.

It had become a sucky work place.  And with me at home dealing with my fun, we thought it best (along with a gaggle of friends and former co-workers) that Jackie split the scene a little earlier then we had planned ( end of the year).  Jackie would have left at the end of the year, anyway, as she would be eligible for her IRA.

Fortunately, with my pension and with Social Security starting in August, we can make it through the next three to four months on monies we've put aside.  We'll be fine (all is proceeding according to my plan).

So now we begin the negotiations - who goes where, when do you want lunch, what to DVR, all the important things.  We've got a bucket list to do. 1. Wake Up 2. Do you remember who you and that other person are? 3. Pittsburgh 4. Mall of America-Twins game 5. Napa Valley 6. Mount Vernon/Monticello etc.  As we still have Nos. 1& 2 aced, we can actually start thinking about the rest. We'll do a trip or concert each month, depending on how much "oomph" I have that day.

Tuesday I'll be picking up a script for the next MRI. And that will let me see where the lesions are now.

Stay tuned. Thanks for reading.

Isn't it great that the Sith were into hoodies before they were cool?

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