Sunday, November 18, 2012

What I am not grateful for....

I am grateful that I can get up each day.

I am not grateful that it is to run to the bathroom, again.

I am grateful my bladder/bowel system still function

I am not grateful that they function so well I have more laundry to do.

I am grateful I have running water to help do my laundry.

I am not grateful that this is the only running I can associate with.

I am grateful I can associate with people, places, and ideas.

I am not grateful that most of the people I associate with recently wanted either my vote or a cash donation or both.

I am grateful I have money to donate to help others.

I am not grateful that many of the causes wanting money do very little to help the people with the actual problems, only line their pockets with administrative costs.

I am grateful I was able to help in the administration of a social welfare program as my career.

I am not grateful for the hacks, political drivel, and genuine dunderheads that passed for some employees in that program.

I am grateful for those employees that made my 30 years there as rewarding as it was.

I am not grateful that I can not and will never see them daily again.

I am grateful that I can see.

I am not grateful that I can see bugs that are not there, here voices and songs when there are none around, and am sure that glass angel in the bedroom is out to get me.

I am grateful for angels, seen and unseen.  They have kept me on the right road during these challenging years.

I am grateful for the challenges that have been placed before me, for, with the help of angels, I endure and thrive.

I am not grateful that the main challenge is one I will never surmount.

I am grateful I can type surmount.

I am not grateful that many letters I typed, and stories I've told, and blogs I've written, are about and to people who are very long gone.

I am grateful they were in my life.

I am not grateful that two of them (ahem!) haunt my nightmares to remind me that they passed along the proper causes for their son to be a 56 year old guy who is bipolar and has MS.

I am grateful for his roses and for her pushing me to write.

I am not grateful that I did not appreciate them both more, but have given due diligence and hope they are proud of who I am becoming.

I am grateful that one woman took a chance 30 years ago, and went on a date with me, we'll be noting that anniversary in 2 weeks.  And dear friends who have known me even longer and still opt to acknowledge that.

I am not grateful that I have to acknowledge that this piece is getting too long, so I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving, and Holiday Season.  It's a manic depressive's favorite time of year.

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