Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Disney for the insane and disabled Day 2!

Good morning from  the happiest so forth and so on.  A decent night's sleep in a king size bed after watching the Giants thrash the Cardinals ( and the non-baseball fans out there would think that that is what would happen - the Giants being giants and the cardinals being about what six inches tall? Unless you had a whole lot of birds and did the whole Tippi Hedren thing).

I was able to get the picture from the welcome home center in place, but the bottom of yesterday's
Post did not come out as well as I'd hoped.  We'll try and do better today.

And, as the Joker said, here.. we..go.

We began the day with a nice breakfast on the porch, and then Jackie went to work out.  I thought about doors.

As you can see from this shot, there's at least five doors on the way to the toilet.  This is immensely challenging on a three AM emergency run.  Every time we come down here we spend ten minutes trying to figure where all the doors go to, and what switch lights up what, if anything.  And this is a one bed, one bath place.  How many doors are there in the bigger places? It's a real test for those bladder control problem days.

So off to Typhoon Lagoon, one of the two Disney water parks on site.  It's the closest park to us, but the hardest to get to because of the way the buses go. Stop here, there, all around again, go through Downtown  Disney, hit every red light, go fifteen mph, and we are finally there.  As before, there are plenty of great sites and blogs on  Typhoon Lagoon, and I'll just refer you to those.

Early on I felt the vibes that things were amiss. We forgot towels, and sandals.  We found two chairs near the front and plopped for a while before heading off to be pummeled by the waves.

The wave machine here is amazing, and that's from people who know these things.  Me?  I am there to be pummeled.  But here's the kicker for me.  All my MS brothers and sisters are there with me as this wave comes at us.  I set my feet, and just say "I shall not be moved."  And I wasn't.  I had to reach back to grab Jackie by the hand, but each time it came I was right there.  While it may sound silly, for that moment, WE would not be moved.  Do your worst.

And MS said, okay, I will.  Wait.

More reading and strolling around.  Next was Lazy River which is a meandering stream around the attraction and folks ride on inner tubes, get doused with water, and cool off.  I've enjoyed this ride many times, especially when I was working, and literally feel the stress float away.  This time, I got in the tube easily, turned to see how Jackie was doing but before I can do anything to help I was floating away, and only saw her hand waving as I headed down stream.  Bumping into other tubes, near drowned by laughing children squirting water at us, Jackie falling further and further behind, I began to realize, no doubt helped by my lesioned brain, that this is my life just being buffeted about, no control, squirted on by fate, and my Dearest Companion at others people command.  Well, we're putting a stop this right now. I grabbed a fake rock, pulled myself close, and flipped out of the tube, immediately losing my balance and tumbling deeper. I stood there in the water until Jackie came by.  We joined hands and held together for the rest of the ride.  Almost.  Jackie signaled that she was going to stop but could not get a hold at the station where you get in and out, and moved.  I was totally pissed off by now but could not get out of the tube at all, and had to be helped out by some nice young man.  I should have paid him a  quarter and called him Sonny, being a 57 year old geezer with a stupid disease or two.

But then I ran as well as I could, found the next station and pulled Jackie out of the water.  Enough.
We went back to our rooms.

Or tried to.  We could not get in.  Disney has this new thing on their doors that some of you may be familiar with these hold your card in front of the gizmo and BOOP you are in.  We were used to the old swiper days, and were surprised to see new version, but anyway, nothing worked. Jackie called the front desk, and we waited an hour before anyone showed up, bless this child, powers that be, this lovely lady from North Africa set speed records running back and forth between us and the front desk.  We had dinner reservations at Ragland Road, the Irish Pub close by.  Not any more. &nbspBy the time they figured out what was wrong, we were way past dinner.  But Disney to the rescue - door fixed-dinner on the Mouse-and even an offer for a limo ride. &nbspSometimes I might get a little cynical about big corporations, still the Mouse looks after his own. &nbspDinner was luscious, and I will post some nice shots here later over the weekend.

 So diseases mess with me, makes me blind to things that are there, like the kindness of others. And I must treasure my moments with those I can see. I hope you are as well.

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