Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The day Copaxone died....

To the tune of Don McLean's American Pie

A long long time ago
I can still remember how
That Copaxone used to stick in me.
And the Doc said it's your last chance
To get out of the MS trance
And maybe you'd be "normal" for a while.

So every night I'd dread and shiver
With each long needle I delivered
Find some fat to jab in
Don't bleed much on your skin

You won't believe how hard I pried
When the needle seemed quite stuck inside
And something said "Well, at least you tried.."
And then Copaxone died.

Bye bye to the Copaxone life
Brand new Neuro said "take zero" and just end that fool strife
I took his news and dashed home to my wife
Saying Cut the Teva cord  with this knife
Cut the Teva cord with this knife

Did you complete all the forms and tests
Are you diagnosed RRMS?
If your Neuro tells you so.
Do you believe they'll be a cure?
And the drug suppliers are so pure?
And have you got any spare Vitamin D?

Well I know that all those diets are fine
Though for most of us, just a waste of time
You said you lost ten pounds
But the MS is still around

I was PPMS, no mistake
But my first Neuro could not relate
So I just waited for the date,
the day Copaxone died.

I started singing:

[Last set of lyrics]

I met my Doc in his doctor blues, and I asked him if there was any news,
but he smiled and turned away.
We went and saw the MRI, and Doc explained the reason why,
And he just said the lesions were here to stay.
And in my brain the myelin died, the neurons stretched, and my memory fried,
But no cure or hope believing, so I guess I'll just be leaving.
And the ones that I admire most, who live in chairs and long sclerosed,
I raise my last needle in a toast
The day Copaxone died....

Thanks for reading, more to come...

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