Monday, April 30, 2018

Wait, there's more! We all are headin' South

I appeared to have lost a bit of my audience.  Blogs are like pancakes, you have to keep an eye on them or they burn in the pan, and you're stuck with crunchy disc that has the distinct odor of a combination of Aunt Jemima and last night's cheeseburgers.  Then you remember that you never washed the dishes liked you promised last night and that you also promised her breakfast in bed, and you can't remember where the local IHOP is, but the McDonald's had a car drive right through the drive through so its closed and now all you'll receive is a nasty look from her as she walks into the kitchen (her robe not totally closed)and just sees the mess you made.  The coffee, at least, was decent, so she makes herself a cup, grabs a pear from the fruit bowl, and departs back up the stairs.

And I'd like to think of my readers as pancake lovers, and that my pancakes are just fluffy and light, made just for you, ready for butter and Vermont maple syrup. I mean the pancakes are ready for butter and syrup, not you. Unless you want to be buttered and maple syruped,which is your right as an/a whatever or whoever you are.

But the larger thing is I'd like to do is invite you to relax and in your own way, come with us. This is the longest trip we've ever done and probably never will again, well, depending, you know.....


Waco, Texas

Houston, Texas

French Quarter, NOLA


Shenandoah Valley


Monticello (Thomas Jefferson's Home)

Fort McHenry (Star Spangled Banner)

I will make some comments as we tour the late Confederacy, and there might be a Dalek spying here and there.  It's exciting, challenging, and since maybe this the last long trip I might be able to do, we'll do it Big and Easy.  Stay tuned.

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