Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter droppings

This week: 

1. I got my Medicare card. I am old.  Medicare kicks in two years after Social Security Disability begins.  I am old and disabled and bald and you might not want to ride in a car I'm driving, either.

2. Visiting relatives in Syracuse, I was pulled over by police for missing a red light (which was absolutely correct). I admitted that I had done just that, was sorry, and would do a better job ASAP. Lucky we had only two blocks to go. My sister in law tried to explain everything from the back seat, but the officer just mumbled to me: "I can't understand what the back seat is saying." And I did admit I had a glass of wine around 4 hours previous. And then I played my MS card - I normally don't, but I just wanted it over. He sent us on our way with a warning, for which I was grateful. He might have had an entertaining time having me walk a straight line. 

OK, not this bad....

3.I was driving on the NYS Thruway about 80 mph as we headed home, which meant when I hit the curve for our exit, the car was moving way too fast and we barely made the curve. Closer to home, there was a loose dog running back and forth on the county road and we and others slowed way down so that the dog could find a place to light and be rescued. I then became the good driver I used to be for the rest of the way home. But... 

What a beauty, only 131,435 miles!

4. I have seen the damage MS has already done to my judgement, and it is one of the many reasons why we have sold our home of 27 years and moving to a condo. Everything is closer and we can walk to the essentials. Enough for today. Hope your weekend was less, um, exciting

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