Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holiday Songs for Bipolars and Multiple Sclerosis Battlers

Jingle Bells

Bi-polar, bipolar
Spell it as you may
A disease
that will not please
when sadness fills your day.

Dragged me to the mall
"See how nice and bright?"
People are so sad
anxiety and fright
Oh take me home right now
To my bed I fly
So silence please
I am diseased
Watched QVC
All night!


And so I took my pills
and maybe took a bath
and through my flat I walked
through old clothes, kicked a path
I think I'm unemployed
but I don't really care
I am just fine
How 'bout more wine?
Soon be manic, don't despair!

We Four Kinds (We Three Kings)

We four kinds of bad MS are
Spines and brains we love to leave scars
Keep on cryin', MRI trying
There's no cure so far...


Oh-oh Prednisone, Copaxone too
Veripred please help me through
Sad and tired
caffeine wired
I can pee but just can't poo

We remiss and then may come back
Pro-gressive, well that they'll just  track
Donate money
Don't get funny
Just serve us and then hit the sack.


Walking still - hey you're doing well
Pain and meds a personal hell
Five years stumbling
Down the steps tumbling
Watching my feet and legs swell


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