Tuesday, April 28, 2015

HAWMC April 23 - April 29 Revenge of the Sith

This is a artist's conception (found at http://anmazol.deviantart.com/) of Darth Plagueis, the Master Sith to Darth Sidious, who was Master Sith to Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader who, as far as I am aware, never got around to getting a student.  This is the problem with living forever.  Its easy to let things slide a bit.  Now according to Sith lore, and I can see why the Star Wars Universe is so popular (there's a reason for everything) you can have one master and one apprentice, so what happens is the Apprentice kills the Master, and then gets an Apprentice of his/her own, and it goes on until the hundreds of Sith not yet written about get their own books, and there are people who track this. Must be a neat job.

This concludes the April 23rd entry - write about anything.  In my case, I wrote about nothing.


April 24th Fitness Friday.  Twice a week, I'm at the physical therapy pool down the road.  One hour of exercise in a 90 plus degree pool. Simple things, keeping arms and legs moving, balance walking, and trying to stretch every muscle as much as I can.  Also it is good to see others facing their own challenges doing all they can to be functional.  Laughing it away.  Never let the problem get in your heart.

But here's a twist. I have a rotator cuff injury.
And I get to do physical therapy!  I always wanted to be a baseball pitcher.  And now at least I get to go through the rehab part.  Then I'll get to start a game soon, or sit in the bullpen as usual.
Kudos to the physical therapy people, there to help, and know far more about your body than you do.
April 25 Wordle.  You may recognize it.  Neat little toy.  What if you could tumble in all your thoughts at the end of each day, and see what you thought about during your waking hours.  What do ISIS members think about?  Probably close to a Sith apprentice, just sitting on some of the sand they'd taken from another guy with not as many guns, waiting for a chance to kill again.  Maybe he thinks of the teachings of the Prophet.  Maybe not.  Or the people in Nepal. Baltimore? Justice or just to grab a new HDTV with the easy payment plan of nothing down and nothing to pay ever.

How much do we think about ourselves, as a person, a sufferer of ailments, lover of life, or despairer, hopeful or resigned to whatever, who cares or does not care, or pretend to care? OK. Lecture done.

April 26.

If you can read this, you are better off then the billions of people who have died, can't see, or can't understand or read.  If you are reading this on a computer of some sort, you have a chance to search out secrets and find delights unavailable to many people for many years.  If you can go outside, go, even for a minute.  See who you share this planet with - even if it is that terrorist on the pile of sand. At least you know where you are.  Wait for night and look at the stars.  See what we are made of.

April 27

Sometimes, when I'm heading out on errands, I'll park in the handicapped parking spot.  The disability chair is on my license plate.  I am eligible for it.  Really, I have the brain lesions on the MRI DVD.  But that doesn't stop people from watching and seeing how I get out of my car.  So sometimes I'll do a Homer:

And then I still get the eye.  Look, I'm not 85 here, though there are days...Once a elderly woman stopped on her way out of Dunkin Donuts and watched my wife and I get out of our car correctly parked in a handicap spot.  "So which one of you is sick? You don't look sick."  

I'm a peaceable guy, but sometimes Bruce Cockburn had it right - "if I had a rocket launcher....."

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