Sunday, April 19, 2015

HAWMC April 11 -19 but yesterday doesn't count.

Soooo I've been a little busy, and out of it, and seeing doctors of all kinds, and well, just doing other things - like writing my novel.  So a quick update:

April 11 - Pet Pal - I've written elsewhere about my dogs so a tip of the cap here to the annoying chipmunks and squirrels in the back yard that dash back and forth around the property looking for the food that should be there because Mr. Squirrel and/or Mrs. Chipmunk swear by their small brains it was there before the white stuff came down and covered their ground and they (as rodents) could not move, so they had to sleep for four months.  On a better note, Mr. and Mrs. Bunny show up in the early morning and at dusk to wander around the yard, and eat clover.  Both are used to humans, but keep a good distance.  Some nice moment are the cooler August nights when I'm on my deck, reading, and the bunnies just wander around, taking in the last long rays of the sun.  The guy next store has a bird feeder, so cardinals, robins, etc., help themselves, and we can listen to song. I am glad of it because our front area has bushes and trees that the birds hop around it all year, which is really cool on snowy winter days.  Thank you, Nature.

April 13 - Re-educating family members.  I am not able to dash about like I used to, at least not as long.  They are learning, and I am learning patience with them and myself.

April 14 - I feel best when... I can get some decent writing done, a little exercise, and have just made plans for a future fun time.

April 15 - A Mets rally. Matt Harvey striking out the side.  Big Papi hits one into the right field stands at Fenway.

April 16 - I wanted to tell stories in some form, writing or acting in them.  I've acted and am working on getting my stuff out there.  I did not get to the moon.  But I did sit in the Captain's Chair on the Federation Starship USS Enterprise.

April 17 - I'm still standing, better than I ever did.  (Elton John song).

April 18 - First, I do not look forward to heat, humidity, bugs. No thanks.  I do love sitting at a baseball game.  Inductions at the Hall of Fame.  A few days in Boston, to be near the sea.  *****

Actually, today I had a morning meeting of my mystery writer's group.  It's a bit of a drive but I've been semi-shutin for months and now with decent weather I want to pick up the pace again.  The drive, meeting, and ride home took about six hours, and when I arrived back home noticed that I had forgotten to take my morning pills.  Since I was doing all right, I opted to not take my afternoon or evening pills, to see what I was like before the pills.  Yes its a small sample size, but even so, I learned that I can yawn, something I rarely do now.  I do have some hallucination issues when I'm lying in bed, and the show, while harmless, can go on for hours, if its one of those nights where sleep is being shy with me.  Last night while I lay in bed for two hours, there were a few dancing decorations and then it stopped, maybe ten minutes.  Also I had that "wired" feeling in my upper shoulders.  But I went back to bed around three AM, and had no hallucinations and no nightmares.  And yes, when I got up on Sunday.....

April 19 - I went right back to the pill routine.  But it was interesting spending time with the Old Me. As for stress, it is inescapable.  But I spent six years or so talking with Buddhists monks and nuns and learned a few tricks to relax.  Here is the definition of Zen Buddhism:

Everything's changing. Everything is connected. Pay attention.

Be Here Now. And Now. And Now.

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