Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Social Security Disability Part IV - A New Hope. And then, Surprise!

Not that long after I saved last week's post I was doing a nightly trip around the web and happen to wander by the Social Security site, just to look at the acceptance part.  And there it was in all its glory:

"We have found that you meet the medical requirements for disability payments."

I saw I had a home page, and that one of the tabs said "Benefit and Payment Details".  So I clicked on it, as the curious fella I am would do, and wonder of wonders, there was my benefit amount, a four figure monthly amount starting in August.   I was surprised, and  actually a little verkempt, that when you added the SSD amount to my pension, it was more than my wife and I have lived on for the past four years.  We'd be all right.

So my wife quit her job!  This is 4 months before the first SSD check will come in (barring the eternally promised cure for MS arriving), but she did anyway, having had enough after four years of relatively nice office time to one not so nice. Office politics.  Glad she's out of there.  We will be all right. And I do not need the stress of her coming home frustrated and angry.  She is a caring, kind person, and she is finding support with former co-workers and friends. And me!  

I'll be talking to the doctors that did not assist my application for SSD.  I'm not sure what it may have changed, as Social Security said it did not have enough information to go back to my claimed disability from January 2010. Maybe I can appeal, maybe not.  I've certainly read enough stories on MS Boards of both success and failure in the process.  I suppose we need to look to a future of some freedom.

Odd.  My father retired early on pension and SSD.  Jackie's father retired early on pension and SSD.  And now I am on early retirement and will be receiving SSD.  I am hoping that Jackie's and yours truly's lives extends as far as possible or as long as my health allows.  There's a bucket list of things we want to do together.  And we don't have to answer to anyone.

So, until some health thing comes along, the man said it best:

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