Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Is this your neck?

Last week I picked up pictures that I had left at CVS for development.  This was one of those quickie camera you pick up at the checkout counter, one time use and drop it off.  This camera had been sitting on a shelf for a number of years,  slightly dusty, and I found it when I was putting holiday decorations away.

When I loaded the CD, this is what I found:


I have no idea who this is, but there seems to be some concern about the right side of her neck.
And then we have this:

I assume that these children, whoever they are, are not glad about the neck problems, but it is (was?) the generic Holiday Season.  There were more pictures of these folks in various combos but then it becomes:

And then there I am.  Plus some totally undecipherable shots.  The picture above is from my retirement party on December 31, 2010 which you can see was widely attended.  It seems a million years ago, and also about 15 minutes. So the family pictures are from before 12/31/10, and we must have passed each other during the holidays, exchanging cheapie cameras from some table somewhere  As for my picture,  I'd been diagnosed with MS about six weeks previous.  Not bad, considering.  I'm still here. So if you think you are or know whose neck is being displayed above, lemme know, because you take better pictures than anyone here

Working on the mystery novel limits my time here so I am glad that people still visit now and then, and we are over 7000 hits.

Take care, and thanks for reading.


  1. I am quite amused by your mystery neck pictures. Will they now become part of your mystery novel?

    1. Glad you liked them. But my mystery story takes place in 1838 so photos are a bit tough to come by. But it might be useful for a vampire story, since vampires can not be photographed (depending on the book, or TV, or movie). Perhaps its a vampire that likes to photograph his victim before biting, a blood sucking paparazzi! Thanks for stopping by.