Saturday, December 28, 2013

I hab a code

Every time I get a cold, and its an annual thing with me, there will be one night when I can't sleep.  They could put me in a sensory deprivation tank (but with the tinnitus in my ears? - nah), pump me full of even more drugs, use either ether or laughing gas or whatever they want to do and my eyes would be wide open and what is left of my mind will while away the hours picking fantasy baseball teams, or rewriting movies, or bring about world peace as soon as I become master of the world, which I can make great headway on tonight since I'm awake and every else is asleep, including you.

The drugs I take do make me do what to some may seem odd things.  Case in point today my wife went to the local fitness place to work out and we agreed that I would meet her for breakfast after when she called to tell me she was ready.  That's what I understood.  I was wrong.  I was supposed to meet her at 10 AM.  Well, this was a disaster, said the iceberg to the ship.  My wife waited for me to appear while I waited for her to call me to tell me to appear.  And she had forgotten her phone.  Eventually she came home to see me sitting in the kitchen waiting for her call.  This made for an uncomfortable few hours.  I don't think as well as I used to.  We did agree to get some cheap Tracphones to keep in our cars so that we can always call, even if we forget our regular phones.  Of course we could also accidentally drag the car phones into the house, and then forget them as well.

So we will negotiate on making sticky notes as reminders.  I sometimes get annoyed at these reminders as they are notices that the sharp blade I once was is dulling at a rapid rate, and scraping me against a wet rock will only make me feel worse and sore.

You know, you start thinking about this stuff when you're there with all the other sick people at a doctor's office, and they call you in and set up an EKG and you don't register anything on the meters so they have to keep ripping the chest hair to move the nodes, and press them hard to get any reading.   I've been fortunate that the heart and lungs look good, while everything else falls apart.  It's like having a Hemi engine in a Yugo body.

Keeping me company this morning is the greatest hits of the sixties on iTunes. To my left is a manger scene next to a bowl of gold ornaments.  Right now one of the Wise Men has fallen over, Joseph is using his staff to hail a cab, another Wise Man is holding a bottle of Frankincense or Myrrh right over the Baby's head.  Mary has her arms up in surprise, or me thinks that on that First Night, a lot of people said "Ta-da!"  Which if it was the Miracle attested to, I think Someone Higher Up the God chain should take a bow, and not just with a star. Huge pointing arrows. Miles and miles high, pointing down.  "Look, he's right there! Yeah! Go see him! He'll talk about love and peace, and being nice to each other. Bethlehem, right there (I know there are two Bethlehems near Jerusalem. What, you did that part. Figure it out) Listen to him, but I know you'll eventually kill him.  That's what you do.  Oh, and sorry all the baby boys got killed by Herod's men while they hunted for That Baby.  Then again, why make this so easy for Herod. I'll just keep the Star.  Make a a good ornament."

Been quite the year with the return to my home town (at least a visitor's pass) and welcomes from school friends and town notables. I keep writing stories, feeling drab, but doing as much as I can in between daily reboots around three PM every day.  We even attended a few parties, and had a sumptuous Christmas dinner at a local French restaurant.  Nice.

I fully admit the youngsters are not at their best in this shot, but Jackie and I look fine.  On January 1, I'll be in my fifth year battling MS.  I can still dance.

Thanks to you for reading whatever you did read.  Hope you get some enjoyment out of it.  Here's to a peaceful and happy 2014 for all.

Now I just want to stop my nose from running.

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