Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays 2013! Murder at the Party!

One of the first lessons you get rammed in your head for both MS and/or  BP is that you will forget things. You will forget why you went into one room not five seconds after leaving the original. I have also forgotten where I hid my wife's presents. It's a small house but I can't be this bad.  Yet, there it is. Or isn't.  So for some solace, here's the Bubble Santa:

We had a party in my writing room, and the usual suspects all came.

What's a party without a Cylon,  a Smurf, a snowman in a box, and General Grievous from Star Wars, all being hosted by my teacher Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (he declined to come, but meditated on the whole thing) in the frame back there.

But you know you can't put these folks at the same party, and get that egg nog going (not that the Cylon or the General had any - weren't sure where to pour the liquid) but once Writer Smurf hit the nog, he started mouthing off about how Obi-Wan Kenobi was going to clean his (the General's) clock.    Well, you can guess what happen.

And then....

Tragic, but really you don't take on a Sith with a feather.  Fortunately, Captain Pike from Star Trek was in the area monitoring communications, and saw the whole thing.

We think the Cylon may have ratted out Grievous...guess they have a history.

Next year I'll try and be a little more circumspect about the guest list.  For this Christmas, I feel like crap, but my family was here, and we'll have Christmas Dinner tomorrow at a local restaurant (not Chinese). So what's to complain about?

I hope that 2014 is one of health and happiness for all.  It won't be for me, so I've ruined it already, but I am glad to open my eyes each day. I am blessed.  But to be safe, I'm going to stay up and see if Santa can find those presents.

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