Saturday, August 24, 2013

At my desk in the early morning....

Apparently, the evil Twins of MS and BP have decided that tonight would be a great time for me to get no sleep at all, and so I thought maybe if I talked to you for a while the Twins would get bored and I could get some sleep.

Not that sleep is a difficult commodity for me to acquire, and even more so in the last few months, as the exhaustion level has increased.  A fifteen minute doze here and there, and I'm ready for another couple of hours of whatever.  Maybe tonight I can make up for naps going back to early June of this year.

It's not like I am here alone.  My wife is happily dozing away in the next room, but friends are always around.  Take a look:

Actually, you can look at that video and see the things and people (real and not) who have sustained me and guided me through these last 55+ years.  Yep, that's Star Trek, baseball, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica - I just think the original Cylons were cool, Saturn Five Rocket, my wife, my Buddhist teacher, Mickey Mouse, an exciting scene from Season Six of Star Trek:Enterprise which no one got around to making because they canceled it, and various items such as a penguin with a took and scarf on.

I do not mean to confuse anyone when the name of Mickey Mouse follows "my Buddhist teacher".  My teacher's name is Geshe Kelsang Gyatso (the nice older man smiling in the picture with the gold frame).  Mickey has his own Zen world:

Both of them remind me of the joy of life, and the need to drop as much of the unnecessary crap as possible.  And when (my version of) MS gets me now and then, there is something to the words "Just breathe, just be part of it all."  It's a small world, you're part of it, so enjoy responsibly. Just be a nice guy as much as you can, OK?  That is basically the call of every religion. And be grateful, too.  This ain't hard, folks.

So all these things are part of me, but I am a little concerned about General Grievous waving his light saber  to take out a Smurf.  While not a big Smurfophile, and if I need to look at a blue person, there is the Andorian guy with the feelers on his head over on the the Enterprise side of the desk, I am glad the General's hand has been stayed by the sudden appearance of the Cylon.  That is a writer Smurf, after all. And don't look for help from your robot there, General.  One of the Clone Troopers has the 'bot in his sights, though it looks like now the Trooper may just take out an ankle.  He's been holding that rifle for years.

Darth Maul has been waiting for Jedi Mickey to get into battle for years as well.  Sometimes, the Hallmark ornaments are just too well crafted to keep them away in storage eleven months a year.  Another time we'll take a look at the Trek stuff.

So my wife smiles at me from her picture frame (and she is my teacher), amazed that I'm still up and doing this, but with this type of MS I'm really not supposed to do anything, because the MS will make sure I don't do it, but I keep right on going. I have the best support in my wife that I could ask for as we make our way through the minefield of disease.  My parents did not have the best relationship when this thing hit my father and they never could get away from the people they had become.  So it became more of a battleground with yours truly playing the part of the struggling refugee trying to get away from the incoming fire.  Until I was hit by both sides at the same time a few years back.  I stagger on, rejoicing (W.H. Auden).

There are plenty of other friends, like these:

Ah, the daily dosage of all my favorite drugs, keeping me functional since 2005.  There are a few more things here and there not pictured (I mean, fish oil is fish oil), but the top picture shows breakfast, lunch and dinner bottom to top.  In fact I am now floating around with the help of the top three pills and an add-on guest star one.  They usually help me sleep, except for tonight, of course.  I might give it a try and doze a bit in a little while.

Or maybe I'll write the soon to be famous Darth Maul/Jedi Mickey battle scene that may just happen now that Disney owns the Lucas Ranch.  Might as well cash in on this too.  Seriously, after the last trilogy, how much more silly can it get?

I see I am over 4500 visits. Thank you very much.  Lots of vacation stories to tell yet.  Stay tuned.

Still awake.

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