Wednesday, May 8, 2013

One year, 80 posts, and 3500 reads later...

I am grateful. I am very tired. I am writing stories about my home. I am writing stories about the graves near my home.  I am writing stories about the people in the graves. I can keep my eyes open a little bit longer.  I can still drive but no more today.  We saw the flowers in Albany's Washington Park, and strolled around the city.  I miss some of my coworkers, but not the travel or the politics, or the people that, as the Buddha would teach, are examples for how not to live.  Of course the Buddha is always happy to send these folks along any time, so we always have learning material. I'll see the treasured ones soon.

I'm spending more time in the city of my birth than I have in the last 30 years combined.  Not all that bad, the feelings of nausea have faded over the years. And, as you may know, most of the family and friends of my youth are gone.  But the 'Burgh still physically exists.   There is a spot in Lansingburgh across the street from where I grew up that probably has not changed in 200 years.  It's on the corner of 1st avenue and 116th street.

When I grew up, the trees may have been there, but the housing now there replaced the brick building that held a lumber yard.  But the water is the Hudson River.  Henry Hudson may or may not have sailed his ship as far up the river as Lansingburgh, but he did turn around near Albany, so who knows? Maybe the Halfmoon (Halve Maen) made it up our way, and I was standing in that spot when I'm 7 and now when I'm 57, and maybe another version of me was there in 1609 watching that ship on that water. Maybe I read too much science fiction.

I put the above in here because I'm noticing that my energy level has dropped some.  This is Wednesday, May 8 2013 (Happy Birthday, Harry Truman!).  I also note that today is the birthday of Gary Glitter, child pornographer and 70s rock star.  He gave us the stadium anthem "Rock and Roll, Part II" in which the entirety of the lyrics are "Hey!" and "Ugh!".  This does not excuse his other life interest, though brain cell damage could explain both. 

Anyway, my point (and I do have one) is that I am considering devoting what energy I do have to write a story about Lansingburgh, a longer one along the lines of what I've tried with my writing class. It would bring everything together, past and present.  I do have the stories in the Lansingburgh Historical Society collections, and they'll be around.  But if I dive into this, it means research and writing and travel.  Sounds like fun.

Except I'm starting to doze off a little earlier now, about 5 PM.  Just a nap.  And then I'm fine until maybe 10 PM.  This week I cleaned the garage, started the yard work, and did the best I could in the MS Walk (though I was glad that it happened at a local racino.  I could sit and my wife could run around to machines and give them money), plus the usual Tuesday workout.  More of the slight  change in 2013.

I believe in the MS walk, in that it does exist.  Will there be a cure? Maybe. Someday. Let's be honest, when there is a way to make money off it.  For now we will continue to underwrite MS Societies and Federations and Associations, so those folks will have jobs as they raise more money, and ask Congress to spend more taxpayer dollars on research money given to colleges and universities and research centers and corporations so they will have jobs.  I go to the Men's MS support group, and it's been some time since I last visited, but a month or so ago, I did stop by.  No one is any better. In fact some are worse.  I'll be checking out another group next month, and see how they do.

In the meantime, its decision time on whether I commit myself to something I think I can get published, at least locally, or just do it online.  Just depends on how I feel when I open my eyes each day.  First, I get another day (Thank you).  Now, on this day, what can I do?

One thing I have enjoyed doing is writing this blog for the past year.  I am honored and grateful that you took the time in your day to read about mine.  More soon.

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