Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Year 4 - Exhaustion as a true art form.

I've been channeling a lot of Burgess Meredith lately.  Now I'm of an age when the name Burgess Meredith is mentioned, I think:

Right, the Penguin from the original Batman TV series.  No disrespect meant to Danny DeVito from the movie, or whoever voiced him on the various Batman animated series.  For me Mr. Meredith is the Penguin.  And I'm not even talking about that character.  Mr. Meredith's other iconic role (aside from Of Mice and Men [assignment: rent and watch] ) was as Mick, the trainer in the Rocky movies.  This guy:

"You'se got fight this guy harrrdddd, like you did the last time! Dat was beautiful!"
And there I am, trying to do one handed mental push ups, while "Gonna Fly Now" is playing in the background (which, when you've tinnitus, is not always helpful). 
Last week I wrote about my late sister's 65th birthday, and how she touched our lives.  The following day I was in my home town of Troy, NY  to attend a meeting of Facebook friends who lived in our area of Troy called Lansingburgh (aka: the "Burgh").  Over the past year I've become more involved with the group as I've added to its published book pages a number of articles about Burgh life, and more in the next tome on its way later this year.  I've spoken with classmates from high school and got caught up on the Burgh's highs and lows.  Now in my mind, it's always 1973.  I live at home with my folks, no one is sick, I'm getting ready to be a senior, and playing baseball.  That's the Burgh I know, and what I am grateful for.  Life has moved on in this small area of the State, ain't no doubt.  But in our Facebook gang, we can hop in our time machine and go where we will.
Toward the end of the luncheon, the stories were being swapped around and I added in my favorite story of my sister's wedding.  When the laughter turned to another yarn, I was approached by some folks and asked how my sister was doing. Thud. Not the fault of these nice people, but I had to talk about Barb's passing again.  I was mighty glad the luncheon was over, and I headed for home, oddly driving from a beautiful sunny day right into a rainstorm.
I had low energy on Thursday as thoughts remained too far in the past, and then Friday began  with a get together of family and ended with yours truly sharing a drink with a friend from college days, and having to relive my college romance breakup from Someone Else, and then answering questions from my spouse about those days as well.
The first thing to know is that while stress    
can make us feel worse, whether upsetting
our stomachs or knotting our neck muscles,
no research group has been able to prove
any direct cause-and-effect relationship
between MS and stress. Many have tried.

More family over the Easter holiday, more thoughts, and fortunately more drugs. The last few days being a little quieter I've adjusted, but the energy level remains low.  No swimming this week, but we've extended the pool time into May! Plus One! I'm still writing albeit slowly, Plus Two!

"Hit the guy hard!"

My neurologist, who can only tell me to touch his finger there and there and there, said I am doing great as long as I take it slow.  "You're a marvel."

"You got him, Rock!," says Mick.

I've shared a lot of my life over these past few months here and other, and I grow stronger at the broken places for it.

OK, Mick, I'm ready for the sequel.  Bring it on.

(Cue Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger")


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