Monday, February 18, 2013

Amitriptyline - A Day In The Life

I took some pills today, oh, boy
They'd been prescribed for me by my new doc
And though they were to help me sleep
Well I just stayed awake
Got raisin cookies baked

I really shouldn't drive my car
I barely notice when the exits change
And then the cops will hunt me down
But its not really hard
Then I go and tell them that I'm really just a bi-polar!

I saw the Judge today, oh boy
He asked me when's the last nap that I took
I told him late Two Thousand Five
He told me take some pills
That will cure your ills

I'd love to tell you off...

Woke up, had fuzzy head
Another day of partial dread
Found my way to the bath and got release
The pain had ceased, first task to make the bed
Kissed my pills and took my wife
The brain lesions now are rife
Found my way to the couch and had a doze
And the doc he knows that I really hate to dream

I saw my doc today, oh boy
It seems that I don't have MS at all
It might just be its some thing new
They don't know what to do
Haven't got a clue

I'd love to tell them off...

To the tune of  "A Day In The Life" (Lennon/McCartney 1967)

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