Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to be manipulated by your doctor....

First, you need a big person.  Preferably one who has a medical degree.  I am fortunate that my primary  caredoctor (Dr. R.) is such a person.  Lady doctor. And a sweetie, but she was concerned about pain in my lower back area.  Now many folks have lower back pain, it comes from the stresses and strains (literally in some cases) of daily life.  What was of deeper concern was that the lesions had begun sending out their troops into my back area.  The spinal tap of a few years back showed the area to be lesion free, but things change with MS all the time.

So I arrived, checked in, did the usual paperwork and we got started...

It did take a while to figure out what was working once I was more or less down on the exam table.  She started manipulating various muscles, trying to ease my discomfort.  My response was mostly:this.

The work went on for a half hour and after that I felt like...

this guy...  Tight squeeze there.

I was pushed, pulled, crushed, reassembled, and then sent on my merry way with more exercises and a reminder to make my co-payment.

I was glad to oblige, seeing as we weren't looking at any more lesions, just the usual stuff of life.  Steps were taken on getting a new psychiatrist, and neurologist.

On to lunch, and then a walk around Troy.  In my dreams at night, sometimes I dream of downtown Troy, and its always 1966, and Peerless, Denby's, the Towne Shop, Paul's, and all the rest are still going concerns.  We meet at the movies, and then wait for the bus. So nice.  When Petula Clark sang about "Downtown", she meant Troy, I thought.  But then I'd never been anywhere else.  Who needed to?

A good day all around.  A little less pain (and toxins moving out), a nice meal, the Mets won, so it ain't worth complaining about.  And if you've read some of the back posts, you'll see that August 1 is not my favorite day, or wasn't.

Now its another day to be grateful for.  And I'll do some updates on a new support group for MS that is having its first meeting tonight.  Always, more to come......

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