Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Now Doesn't This Dunk Your Hat In The Creek.....

OK, before I begin, take a look at this piece of information here.  That's fine, I'll wait.  HmmmmHmmmhmmmm.  Oh, good.  Now in the spirit of sharing, I'd like you to know that that guy is my psychiatrist. Or was. Or still might be. I'm not sure.

First, I freely admit that everyone is presumed innocent before proven guilty.  However, I always did wonder why there was a very large amount of turnover in the office.  Last few years have been tough for jobs, I am aware, so I did wonder why so many young ladies were in and out of the place, unless incompetence reigned.  But basically I paid my co-pay, sat in the chair, filled out the forms, and met with either the Doctor, or one of his associates.  Before the associates all disappeared.

Aside from possibly having a serial killer employed, and that's the reason they had to move to their new place because there were no spots left for the bodies to be buried, it did cause one to ponder.  I see a lot of physicians because of my dual diagnosis (everyone needs a hobby) and it's more than likely that at each visit the same face would greet me and discharge me.  Sometimes the face was attached to the same head.  There was consistency.

But not at this psychiatrist's office.

Anyway, moving on, you may have noticed in the article that this particular doctor was called on the professional carpet for having "prescribed excessive levels of medication, failed to properly monitor patients and failed to maintain accurate records." These were the alleged charges.

Read more:

Now, this Doctor and I have had no personal problems, as far as I can tell, in that we worked well on trying various medications to calm the bipolar, and adjust to the new challenges of brain lesions from MS. Working also with his associates, we had a good rapport, and the improvement could be visibly seen.  And for those who might have looked, this is where the 5 Keys to Mental Health came from (and No. 5 is on its way).  If something needed to be changed, it was changed immediately, or if something needed to be added, it was.  And I have benefitted and am grateful to the practice.

But still....should I go back there? Should I recommend the practice to others?

Everyone lives with their own delusions, even well trained doctors.  Within each person is a golden nugget, a true clean soul that shines.  It just gets covered with personal crap, and the jewel can not get its light through the mud and gunk of life.  The person needs to clean that jewel themselves.  And it takes time.  This doctor may have some time soon.

Last night I started looking in my health insurance guidebook for another psychiatrist, one that was, literally, closer to home.  I've been fortunate that I've had the same doctors pretty much for years, and haven't had to experience the constant shuffling many patients do.  In fact, my regular physician retired the same day I did.  But as far as I know, none of these folks had any of the issues that are being doled out to my psychiatrist.

So how to handle this? For those kind enough to actually read this blog, consider what would you do if you found out a professional individual who helps you balance your disorder/illness/life has not exactly been a shining light to others?  Forgive and continue? Forgive and move on? or just move on?  I am fortunate that I can.

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