Thursday, May 31, 2012

A visit with My Neurologist

Twas the day after Monday
And at Albany Med
We spoke with our Neuro
And heard what she said.

"Your MS seems better."
"You've been working out."
But we still must examine
And see what's about.

With PPMS,
A cure is a dream,
So we take what we get
From the whole MS team.

As patients from round the world,
show their pain and ask why,
So off to the stretcher,
I then had to fly,
"Remove shoes and socks
and this pin I will try."

She spoke just four words
"Can you feel this?"
On my legs, feet, and knees.
Nowhere did she miss.

Now follow her finger
and please touch your nose
And walk toe to heel
Just in your pale hose.

Now walk real fast
You are good to go
See you in six months
Leave a co-pay, you know.

We dashed to our car
The parking was free.
And a trip then to Starbucks
For my wife and me.

So we talked of the words
that we heard on that day
That MS ain't winning
We keep it at bay.

And we heard dear Neuro
as she dashed out of sight.
Just do what you do
Take your Copaxone tonight!

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